In Zoho Books, you can reconcile an account to ensure that the transactions in your bank account match with the transactions you’ve created in Zoho Books. You can also choose the period for which you would like to reconcile an account. This period can be set for a particular reporting period or at the end of every month.

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Warning:  The opening balance cannot be edited once the transactions have been reconciled. Kindly ensure that the opening balance is correct before reconciling any transaction.

Reconcile Account

You can reconcile your bank account in Zoho Books. Here’s how:

Transaction Approval Transaction Approval Transaction Approval

Note: Only the matched, categorized and manually added transactions will be shown in the reconciliation window. The matched and categorized transactions will be automatically checked.

You can also edit the Closing Balance if needed.

Note: You need to make sure that the Closing Balance and Clearing Amount are the same and the difference is zero.

Transaction Approval

Pro Tip: You can add additional details about your reconciliation by uploading a file from your desktop/cloud or attaching a file from Documents.

After a successful reconciliation, the status of your reconciliation process window will be Reconciled.

Undo Reconciliation

If you have added an incorrect transaction during your previous reconciliation, you can undo the reconciliation. However, if the reconciliation that you wish to undo is not the most recent one, then you will have to delete all the other reconciliations up to the one which you wish to undo. For example, if you had selected the wrong check while reconciling 6 months ago, you will have to undo all the reconciliations done in last 6 months.

To undo a reconciliation:

Transaction Approval

Delete Reconciliation

You can delete a reconciliation that you have recorded in Zoho Books. Here’s how:

Transaction Approval

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