Kind Words From Our Customers

Zoho Creator has gained the loyalty and trust of companies and the individuals around the world by providing a feature-rich and user friendly interface.

In the past I used an off the shelf program FileMaker for data collection, Now I boot up my browser and head to Zoho. Zoho Creator provides me a quick and very easy tool for creating business applications that I can easily embed in our school web site to gather data.

Tim Lauer, Principal.
Lewis Elementary School in Portland, Oregon

I have been in the field since computers were running on candles (no electricity yet). Discovering Zoho is one of the highlights of my career. I will be working on the development of educational applications and plan to include it in my future book.

Dr. Hanan Yaniv, Faculty.
The University of Calgary

Zoho Creator’s drag and drop interface makes it easy for non-developer types to make a quick and easy database and get it online. The customer service is outstanding - Many days Harsha himself has phoned me and stayed on the phone, giving one-on-one assistance until my PROBLEM WAS SOLVED. This is just GREAT!

Andrea Sirman, Interactive Designer.
The Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa, Canada

I'm a business man for export garments many years,I always like to do computing for my business, I have used Dos App,Excel,MS Access,Sharepoint etc..but nothing met my demand of business. Cause as a general rule, the programmer can do programming but he do not know business logic,on the other side salesman know the business logic but can't do programming, It was a big problem. So I tried to study programming it's waste my a Iot of time.
But,long-awaited programming tool finally appeared,called ZOHO CREATOR,It is not only suitable for professional IT people, but more suitable for business staff.

Stanley Guo

I created a Zoho Creator application that allow all the maintenance personnel to save a lot of time finding parts to fix the trains; before we spend 30 minutes average searching for parts, and now it's down to 30 seconds or less. I'm not allow to provide the website address for this application, but I'm so happy for all the accomplishments thanks to Zoho Creator.

Ed Silva, President and Founder.

It was a breeze to setup the database app, the reliability has been tremendous and the Zoho support staff has been very quick to respond to inquiries. Zoho is providing a tremendous service and it's hard to believe they are providing free apps that outperform many paid services. I definitely recommend Zoho's suite of web applications to anyone looking to add reliable and easy to setup functionality to their existing website.

Cassie Leik, Co-Founder of Cora Boutique.

Thank you Zoho for your thoughtful software that anyone can use. Zoho Creator is an amazing application that is easy to use and setup. It was a godsend for the applications I needed for my website, saving me thousands of dollars to have someone else make the databases and design the pages.

Wayne "Kila" Watts, Chief Pilot.

ZohoCreator can be put into the innovative bucket. It lets end-users create simple web applications with no coding knowledge

Phil Sim, Managing Director of MediaConnect Worldwide and MediaConnect Australia.

Zoho Creator has been a life-saver for me. My research work depends a lot on the data received by the target audience. With Zoho Web Form Builder/ Zoho Creator, my work reduced to basic computer skill. It is indeed one of the most valuable web 2.0 tool with lots of potential in Academic world. In fact, I have found the whole Zoho Suite useful.

Rupak Chakravarty, Lecturer
Department of Library & Information Science
Punjab University, India.

Zoho Creator is allowing us to connect sustainable agriculture producers
and technicians
, giving them real-time information and decision support.

Hugo Pires, CTO

I have used Zoho Creator for everything, including an online camp registration form for 250 families that I integrated with Google Checkout. The ease of use has been great, and I am constantly learning to use the powerful scripting tools that Creator gives you. I have just recently upgraded my plan to the Business Edition and love it. Thank you for a superb product!

Mike Roman, Education Manager,
Gorman Heritage Farm, Cincinnati, OH

Zoho Creator represents the wave of the future. With Zoho Creator, knowledge workers can easily create very simple list style applications in minutes.

Rod Boothby, Blogger.

Zoho Creator turned out to be a huge success for us, my 6hrs of report consolidation has been reduced to about 2hrs per week. If not for Zoho, I will still be juggling time-zones and spreadsheets


Zoho creator is now one of the basic parts in my daily life and business.