Teaching English to the corporate world

What does it take to get corporations to learn the universal language of business? Vision, skill, a good workforce—and the right software.

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Key takeaways


Centralized cloud storage

To store teacher, student, and course data.


Real-time reports

For attendance, class schedules, payments, and more.


Communication at a click

Instant notifications for things like classes canceled and rescheduled, and exams.


Mobile availability

To learn and collaborate on the go.

Paper and processes—like oil and water

When George Thiess started English2Go, he knew exactly what he wanted. He had his processes neatly planned out; a flowchart from start to finish. He also knew that the pen-and-paper approach that his organization used wouldn't work for long.


The platform that helped English2Go go global

In his quest for versatile software, Thiess found Zoho Creator and there was no turning back. With just one app that he built on Zoho Creator, he could:

  • Schedule, cancel, and reschedule classes free of confusion
  • Automate attendance entry, wage calculation, and report generation
  • Streamline communication between English2Go and client corporations
  • Provide individual portals for administrators, teachers, and students

Find out how Zoho Creator made English2Go the go-to for corporations the world over

Download the Ebook