ED Insights: Personalized educational planning solutions with low-code

Learn how low-code aids in streamlining methods for establishing, maintaining, and monitoring educational and organizational outcomes with the ED Insights app.

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Key benefits:

  • Streamlined processes

  • Easy application deployment

  • Great operational efficiency

  • Minimized redundancy

  • Security and scalability at a low cost

"Zoho provided the powerful cloud-based integrated development environment that we needed to build a robust education application. Not only does Zoho Creator provide a much-desired IDE, it's also a low-code and cost-effective solution that's powerful enough to provide analytical capabilities and automate processes that include large amounts of educational data."

Learty Shaw,

Learty Shaw,

Principal Consultant and Owner, Right Research

Zoho Creator provides all the features required to support the complete life cycle of the ED Insights application

ED Insights is a cloud-based platform that offers schools, colleges, and nonprofit organizations a simple and affordable solution to managing continuous improvement and planning processes efficiently without breaking the budget. Since there were no adequate automations or workflows available, their users had to copy and paste information and visualizations into reports used for continuous improvement, accreditation, and school planning. This led them to create a cloud-based application that provided the much-needed automation and real-time access to data in a centralized location.

Since Zoho Creator is also a cloud-based platform as a service (PaaS), Right Research chose it to develop their own application, ED Insights. They partnered with Zoho to set up their clients on Zoho Creator and then built customized versions of their ED Insights app.

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