Profitable transformation for a nonprofit

From pen and paper to full-fledged online client management solution. Here's the story of how Zoho Creator was instrumental in helping a nonprofit provide better customer experience.

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Key takeaways

  • They're now able to store, manage, and retrieve client information with ease

  • The solution helped them switch focus to addressing customer needs by automating their mundane business process

  • Automated billing process and timely reminders boosted their profits

"I love how customizable it is. We customize it every time we add a new member. I also love that I can do everything in one place. There are few things in life, in business especially, where you can say that."

Sierra Dwight,

Sierra Dwight,

Executive Director.

Achieving digital excellence with Zoho Creator

Founded in 2016, 365 Workplace Safety, a Texas-based organization, has a unique mission to help businesses stay in compliance with regulations, whether they have designated HR and safety professionals, or if they have a lean business model with staff wearing multiple hats.

With Zoho Creator, they built an online client management solution to manage their customer profiles and automate mundane processes like billing, resources engagement, and more.

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