Automating the agrarian supply chain with low-code

Founded in 1983, the Oldershaw group is an independent family-run business that's the leading producer of onions, shallots, and garlic in the UK. Read this ebook to see how It used Zoho Creator to automate its supply chain operations.

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  • Improved accuracy of information

  • Better reporting

  • Transparent communication

  • Improved partner experience

"We're pleased with the solutions we've built with Zoho Creator. I think that its an exciting thing that we know that there's a lot further we can go with Creator. And the farther we go, the more we learn, the more we can then apply that to those principles and formulas to something else in the business. You never think, "Well, I've reached the limit of the application with Creator."

Robert Oldershaw,

Robert Oldershaw,

Director, Oldershaw

Managing a leading agriculture business on Zoho Creator

The Oldershaw group was founded in 1983 by the late Gilbert Oldershaw MBE as a producer of onions, shallots, and garlic.

They partner with a select group of British growers and help them manage their operations from growing to packing, importing, and processing.

Working with such a large volume of agricultural produce and partners resulted in a significant load on the administration staff at Oldershaw. Staff had to deal with hundreds of spreadsheets, emails, and handwritten notes to manage the group's operations.

Manual work, coupled with a large volume of data, resulted in significant human errors, delays, and monetary losses for the group.

Enter Zoho Creator.

The group has now developed dozens of apps over the last three years that 80+ users use. The Creator platform has resulted in greatly improved operational efficiency for the group.

Read the ebook to see why Oldershaw chose Zoho Creator

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