GlobalEd and Zoho Creator: Propelling students into stellar careers

Global Education and Career Development Abroad (GlobalEd), offers comprehensive study abroad and internship programs for American students. Steven Davis founded the company in 2009, and he's also its current managing director. When Steven relocated to the US, he sought out a platform that would allow him to manage the organization's operations across Europe remotely. After evaluating multiple free and paid solutions, such as Sugar, AgileCRM, and even a custom CRM, he zeroed in on Zoho Creator. Read this ebook to learn how GlobalEd leverages Zoho Creator to propel students into stellar careers.

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Key features of GlobalEd's Creator apps

  • Student management

  • Supervise staff

  • Manage a database of student internship placements

  • Graphically visualize the student and internship database

"Thanks to Creator, and the suite of apps available through Zoho, I'm able to compete with organizations 20 times my size and deliver the same if not better quality to GlobalEd's clientèle."

Steven Davis,

Steven Davis,

Executive Director

Advantages of the apps built on Zoho Creator

Availability of information: The primary app Davis built using Zoho Creator is called "OnSite". Using the reports generated by this app, GlobalEd's staff can access information they need from anywhere, at any time.

Efficiency and control: The OnSite app has saved them thousands of dollars and valuable time. It also grants Davis access to features which were hitherto unimaginable.

Staff empowerment: The ability to generate concise reports using the apps built on Zoho Creator has increased the level of trust Davis has with his staff and the universities that collaborate with GlobalEd.

Read how GlobalEd harnesses Zoho Creator to compete with organizations 20 times its size

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