Zyenac Solutions' employee-centric digital transformation

In this eBook, we tell you the story of a company that improved its collaboration, efficiency, visibility, and tracking with Zoho Creator. Read on to learn how Zyenac solutions overcame their operational hurdles and made the best of low-code to reach new heights.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Seamless collaboration

  • Zero errors in process flows

  • Operations savings of ₹300k

  • Mobile interface and approvals on the go

  • Greater efficiency in data collection

"We didn’t face great challenges in switching to Creator. Because, once built, it was child’s play for our teams to work on the Creator app. It gave us minimal scope for manual errors and greater accountability."

Gopi Krishna P,

Gopi Krishna P,

Chartered Accountant

A transformation powered by low-code

Zyenac Solutions has gained immense exposure in the fields of accounting and taxation. The company was using spreadsheets to maintain their assignments. However, as they grew, they had difficulty defining a process for approvals, and providing restricted or role-based access for employees to protect confidential data.

They needed a new development platform to help them be more responsive to customer needs through faster, iterative updates, while also reducing growing backlogs. After experimenting with different charterd accountant solutions, they decided to implement Zoho Creator as their key platform, due to its availability on all types of mobile devices.

With Zoho Creator, Zyenac solutions was able to build their own application which helped them stay on top of their game. Employees now have efficient workflows and zero errors in their process, and they're managing their assignments with far less effort. 

Learn how Zyenac Solutions digitized their internal processes

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