Reshaping Residential Care

This is the story of how Mistley Manor, an 85 year-old family-run business in the United Kingdom providing luxury residential care, decided to make an environment-friendly shift. They replaced the paperwork at their office with an immediate goal–help the environment and make their lives easier. In our discussion with Michael, Training and IT Manager and member of the family, he shares how a relatively new technology proved to be the ideal solution.

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Key benefits:

  • Sustainability

    Giving up paperwork meant more productivity and less confusion. And to top it off, it was an eco-friendly move.

  • Mobility

    Hourly assessments and recordings made for the patients are now done with the help of iPads installed on different floors.

  • Quality time

    The time saved from doing paperwork is now utilized by carers for spending more quality time with the residents.

  • Real-time monitoring

    Interactive dashboards and the flexibility of forms on Zoho Creator has made work easier at Mistley Manor.

"Our number one priority is our residents. By using Zoho Creator, our carers have more time to spend with the residents and make them happier."

Michael Volf,

Michael Volf,

Training & IT Manager – Mistley Manor

A peek into Mistley Manor's journey to the cloud, powered by Zoho Creator

Like many family-run businesses dating back to the 1930s, Mistley Manor was still using traditional methods, like paperwork, in some areas of their day-to-day operations. Once the company started expanding its workforce and care homes, paper was no longer a viable option.

This is when Michael started exploring different software options to replace their existing methods. After trials with several ready-to-use software solutions, he stumbled upon a relatively new technology called low-code. Once the idea of customization and flexibility caught his attention, Zoho Creator became his first and last choice.

With Zoho Creator, their data has moved onto the cloud. It can be retrieved with ease and helps Mistley Manor in streamlining their processes. Michael builds apps on his own, and now seven different apps are used to run their care homes—resident management, HR, restaurant management, and apps for the different care departments.

Learn how Mistley Manor leveraged Zoho Creator to make life easier

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