Custom GST compliance software with a low-code platform

Compliance management is critical to any organization. However, the volume of registrations, returns, registers, documents, and filings makes the paperwork cumbersome and can lead to incorrect compliance with heavy penalties. Learn how Jetkool Exports built their own GST compliance management software to track, monitor, and audit business processes.

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Key takeaways

  • Works on any device

    Create, send, and track GST-compliant invoices from any device. Data across software and devices syncs, and this eliminates manual data entry and duplication.

  • Real-time status monitoring

    KPIs about the production line and its volume, visualized on one central dashboard.

  • Improved traceability

    Thousands of user and admin operations performed in the applications are captured in detailed audit logs.

"With all movement of goods tracked on a single platform, it's very easy to identify stock maintained at each worker touchpoint, which was not happening previously. We're working with 5-6 workers at a time. Now, at the click of a button, I'm able to see how many goods of which quality are with each worker."

Amit Lapasia

Amit Lapasia

CEO, Jetkool Exports

Create GST invoices to track payments—and generate return reports to stay tax compliant

Based in Mumbai, India, Jetkool Exports manufactures fabrics and exports them overseas. They send raw materials to multiple factories, process them, and directly ship the finished goods from those factories. In this ebook, the CEO of Jetkool Exports shares how they built custom GST software on Zoho Creator in a very short time.

Learn how Jetkool Exports uses Zoho Creator for maintaining compliance

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