Studio 31 : Run a hassle free wedding business with Zoho Creator

Discover how a wedding photography company redefined its business model by automating over 37 processes and saved three hours every single day, by leveraging Zoho Creator.

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Key Benefits

  • Eliminated emails by over 98% (average of 45 emails per client)

  • 80% increase in creative and strategic productivity

  • End-service delivery time decreased by 40%

  • Automation helped Studio 31 stop using spreadsheets and documents

  • Saved 3 hours on average per employee, per day

  • Reduced human error by 95%

  • Increased employee and customer happiness by more than 70%

  • Employee self assessment and performance is now automated and non biased

  • Increased profit per order by over 24%

"We were able to eliminate emails by 98% and save up to three hours per day across the organization. This helped us focus more on providing an efficient and effective customer experience that positively impacted the company’s brand image in the highly competitive wedding industry in India. We eventually found that people booked us more for the customer experience they got, rather than our creative deliverables. Our customers loved the fact that they'll be able to access all their information through a single dashboard, which gave them complete control over the process and information. Resulting in customer satisfaction and value for the money invested,"

Pranesh Padmanabhan,

Pranesh Padmanabhan,

Founder of Studio 31.

An out of the world solution that transformed the way a wedding business operates.

Studio 31 is a decade-old, zero-inventory wedding photography and film company based out of Chennai, India. They've captured over 7,000 events across 41 cities in South India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Europe. Their highly skilled team of creative and management professionals have over 200 years of combined experience.

Studio 31 has been committed to creating an organised business model in the unorganised wedding market in India. Weddings are a serious business in India, and any human error would be costly. This realization was a major turning point in deciding to steer the business and seek refuge with technology. Besides this, sustainability in the long run would be possible only if the business process was scalable, automated, and tech-driven.

Implementing Zoho Creator has truly redefined the way Studio 31 operates today.

Today, after implementing Zoho Creator, Studio 31 is a 100% remote organization after automating over 37 processes from inquiry to delivery.

See how Studio 31 scaled its operations, reduced costs, and improved customer experience.

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