Kefi Store and Zoho Creator: Weaving ropes using low-code

Kefi Store is a rope manufacturing company based in the UK. Read how they streamlined their order management, reduced paperwork, and accomplished more with less manpower using Zoho Creator applications.

Key benefits

  • Seamless order management

  • Transparency in manufacturing expense tracking

  • Purchase order management

  • Holistic customer experience with a customer portal

  • Cost and time savings

  • Reduction in manpower

"The fact that you can have an online portal on Zoho Creator which your client base can access to view their order information is nifty. This saves us a lot of back-and-forth exchanges with our customers which used to cost a lot of time and money."

Andrew Cumpstone

Andrew Cumpstone

Founder, Kefi Store

Kefi Store now manufactures and sells ropes while running their business processes and order management on a Zoho Creator application which ensures:

  • Deeper insights into customer purchasing behavior
  • Better collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Improved productivity, efficiency, and throughput.
  • The availability of a single unified interface to govern all operations.

Kefi Store and Zoho Creator: Redefining rope making using low-code solutions

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