Transforming brick manufacturing processes: Cemblocks sees 65% growth with solutions built on Zoho Creator

Learn how Cemblocks, based out of South Africa, leveraged Zoho Creator to streamline operations and improve productivity.

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Here are some of Cemblocks' custom manufacturing applications built with Zoho Creator:

  • Inventory management

  • Asset management

  • Order management

  • Quality management

  • Logistics system

"At Cemblocks, we found Zoho Creator to be the best fit for our organization, due to its flexibility and customizability. With Zoho Creator, we were able to create tailored applications to fit our unique business needs, without having to rely on external developers. Additionally, Zoho Creator's user-friendly interface made it easy for our team to quickly adapt and start using the platform effectively."

Jay Horn,

Jay Horn,

Logistics Manager, Cemblocks

From bricks to bytes: South African brick manufacturer improves their efficiency and productivity with Zoho Creator

Cemblocks experienced immediate benefits after automating their processes—like inventory management, asset management, and order management—with Zoho Creator. They were able to save significant amounts of time, allowing the company to focus on other important business activities.

The implementation of Creator apps has allowed their employees to communicate seamlessly and complete tasks quickly and efficiently, resulting in increased productivity across the organization.

The company also achieved remarkable results in production, sales, and logistics:

  • Production: They also noted a 30% increase in efficiency, with early detection of faults in machinery being handled, resulting in a quicker turnaround time. Actual production output also increased, due to better resource management. Furthermore, critical spares for plants and machinery are now tracked, reducing standing time during breakdowns.
  • Sales and logistics: The company achieved a 65% improvement in sales and logistics, with new leads becoming easier to manage and customer inquiry calls reduced due to innovative automated messaging.

"One result that surprised us while using Zoho Creator was how much time and money we were able to save by streamlining our internal processes. By automating tasks and eliminating manual data entry, we were able to increase efficiency and reduce errors. This allowed us to focus on more high-value tasks and ultimately grow our business.”

Jay Horn, Logistics Manager, Cemblocks

Transforming sales and logistics: Cemblocks sees 65% growth with Zoho Creator

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