Lalamove builds a safety incident management platform using Zoho Creator

The company

Lalamove is an Asia-based high-tech logistics company that provides delivery services by connecting consumers, SMEs, and corporations with delivery drivers through its mobile and web application. Founded in Hong Kong in December 2013, Lalamove operates in 11 markets and over 40 cities across Asia and Latin America, connecting more than 14 million customers with a pool of 2+ million driver-partners, enabling simple and fast delivery.

"Lalamove is a platform providing reliable and quick logistic service for users by streamlining the same-day user-driver matching process and scheduled delivery. Upon registration on the Lalamove platform, driver-partners can see user orders, access optimized routes, and maximize their earning potential."Danny Lo, Senior Manager, Operations Safety, Lalamove

The challenge

The safety team at Lalamove is the gatekeeper responsible for overseeing and handling the safety incidents that happen across all markets. Apart from handling the cases and providing advice and support when needed, the safety team is also in charge of developing global safety directives and the overall framework of how Lalamove manages safety in their daily operations.

Initially, the safety team used Zoho Desk to review the case chronology written by the customer service agents, which was often one-sided documentations of the incident. They couldn't communicate and collaborate with other teams like sales and marketing, who supported incident resolution and missed out on the details of the follow-up actions.

"For handling safety incidents, a customer service application may not be enough. In our case, we have many teams involved in resolving an incident. That's why we needed a platform to synchronize both of these functions and ensure that everyone has access to relevant information, updates, and the latest status of the logged incident."- Danny Lo

The solution

With the help of Zoho Creator, Lalamove built a Safety Incident Management Platform (SIMP) to record the case chronology, which captures the latest updates of case descriptions, customer and driver statements, and other case-relevant information. SIMP helps the safety team conduct investigations efficiently, better communicate with involved departments, and enable them to achieve resolution for their users. It also made it easier for the local authorities to retrieve case information.

"The internal incident reporting form in SIMP helps bridge communication and facilitate incident handling between the customer service and safety teams. It enables the CS agent to log incident information categorized into different servicing markets along with the priority level of the incident. We give more attention to cases with high priority and let the driver operations team carry on with the follow-up actions. The form dynamically displays fields based on the priority of the incident to ensure that the form is not too long. For example, if the incident has L-1 priority, we only need the basic information because it's a normal complaint. But if it's an L-3 incident, which means safety-related, we need detailed information about when and where it happened, injuries, or damaged deliverables."- Danny Lo


In today's fast-evolving business world, creating new solutions quickly that behave similarly across an omni-channel ecosystem is a game-changer. Here's how Lalamove overcame operational challenges with the help of the Safety Incident Management Platform.

Enabling better collaboration

Maintaining a comprehensive record of incident information and making it accessible to multiple teams was a major challenge for the safety team. With the SIMP application, the safety team could gather all of the incident information in a single place, enabling related departments to collaborate in resolving an incident.

"Before using Zoho Creator, it took a lot of work for everyone to update details or keep track of progress, which was a major pain point and an opportunity for us to find a solution to fill this gap. With the SIMP application, the safety team can gather all incident information in a single place, enabling the customer services team and others to collaborate in resolving an incident efficiently. The driver operations team can now directly track and record all of the follow-up actions and update the customer services team." — Danny Lo

Data tells a story

Turning data into insights and actions is critical to making better decisions and gaining a competitive advantage. Lalamove leveraged information stored in the SIMP application to assess and gauge various safety-related performance metrics.

"We can now have oversight of all the safety incidents across markets. Earlier information was scattered, and we couldn't derive insight or act upon it. After SIMP, we can export information to our data warehouse, and our data science teams work to derive conclusive insights. It's also easy to present these using reporting and analytics to our management so they understand what we do better"- Danny Lo

Looking forward

Low-code platforms enable agile development and delivery of highly customized solutions that can quickly solve unique challenges with a high business impact. They help businesses improve organizational efficacy, enable better collaboration among teams, and provide better mission delivery.

"Zoho Creator has helped us a lot. Every few months, we come up with new feature requests or ideas that we incorporate into the app. The more we use the app, the more changes we make to the application to help fix a problem, make something better, or simplify a task. Also, our business is rapidly expanding. As we expand to more markets, we need to expand the scope of the application too and make it available to our teams."- Danny Lo