Custom meds work with custom apps

Custom meds work with custom apps

In matters of health, you should never compromise. That's why the Institute of Hormonal Health introduces a holistic approach to western science. The result is a nutrition-based solution for anyone facing hormonal issues.

Even patients with similar problems have different mental and physical reactions to their medications. Imagine how complex it can be to suggest custom treatment plans for each patient walking into the Institute.​

"Patients that come to the IHH really are embarking on an entire program, and with that they're going to be involved with multiple practitioners like naturopathic doctors, medical doctors, bioenergetic medicine specialists, and holistic nutritionists."​​

Since every patient consults multiple doctors, it’s important to keep all the data in one place. That way, doctors can refer to a patient’s other current treatments and prescribe therapies accordingly.​​

"In our Zoho Creator application, the practitioners' needs are quite extensive. The electronic medical record allows them to do typical collection of information and filling in forms, reports, and letters that go to doctors."

IHH doctors save copies of their prescriptions, request tests from the laboratory technicians, and even check for test results. ​

"Because the needs of the IHH are different from the needs of the conventional world and the naturopathic medical community, there really was a need for customization."

It's obvious: no two patients respond to treatments the same way. That's why the Institute for Hormonal Health treats every patient with a unique procedure, and their Zoho Creator application holds up well for them.

"It speaks in many levels to the complexity of what we do."

With their entire treatment process running on Zoho Creator, the Institute for Hormonal Health provides custom solutions for patients just the way Creator provided a custom solution for them.

That's how we know customer happiness is all about custom.

Thanks:Dr. Kristry Prous, Chief Medical Practitioner, IHH.