Cleaning up with Creator

Red Dragon Group, a facilities management company based out of the UK, was struggling to efficiently manage the huge amount of paperwork that was being generated at their company every day. More paper was added to the pile each time employees went over to work at a client’s facility, as they would record the work they performed on sheets of paper, which were then handed to management. Read this ebook to learn how Zoho Creator helped Red Dragon completely eliminate their paper problem.

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Key benefits:

  • Eliminated paper usage

  • Real-time access for clients

  • Improved clarity for management

  • Higher employee productivity & satisfaction

"I was looking around on the internet to see if I could make a digital version of the cleaning guide my employees were using, and I came across Zoho Creator. I watched some videos on the internet, and realized how easy it would be to make custom apps using Creator. The app has allowed us to save time in cleaning and management work."

Craig Thompson,

Craig Thompson,

CEO, Red Dragon Group

Red Dragon’s journey from paper to the cloud

Founded in 2016, Red Dragon group is a facilities management company based out of Cardiff, UK. They offer services such as office cleaning, window cleaning, security cover, and more, to their clients.

Prior to using Zoho Creator, Red Dragon relied heavily on traditional tools, such as spreadsheets and paper. First they used spreadsheets to create a list of tasks employees had to perform in the client’s offices. A sheet was made for each and every room at the location, and every time employees went over to the client’s office to work, they were handed a printed copy of the guide. Employees were supposed to perform the tasks listed in the guide for the room, and then add a tick next to the task when done. This was done for each room they worked in.

This resulted in a lot of paperwork for management to take care of, and it was evident that Red Dragon needed a better way to manage these tasks—and luckily they were out looking for a solution.

They came across Zoho Creator while looking for an online spreadsheet solution, saw how easy it was to build a custom application for their needs, and promptly made the switch.

Read how Zoho Creator helped Red Dragon Group.

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