Zoho Creator helps a financial firm run its business on a custom CRM.

Avid Pays CRM

Avid Pays were using complex CRM systems in the past. They knew that they needed an easy-to-use CRM for the sales people. Now, they use their own custom CRM to track the flow of a lead through the sales pipeline. Telemarketers can set up appointments for the sales reps. Sales reps can follow up each lead effectively. Managers can oversee the process, and manage the progress of the sales activity. The custom CRM has a commission calculator for the users.

The CRM is integrated with Google Apps and is used extensively by Avid Pays to track the location of Sales reps and the customers

In the CEO's words " everybody who started using it have liked it and we have been using it more and more."

"We feel that everyone now works in the same office"

Avid Pay's Sales Process

A list of prospects received from various industry sources are uploaded in the CRM. It is then made available to the Telemarketers. They call the prospects and set up appointments between the prospects and the sales reps. The Sales reps, then meet the prospects and qualifies the lead. The telemarketer receives commission based on the number of appointments set up and the sales rep receives commission based on the outcome of the sales call.

The CRM, its modules and users

There are three kinds of users for the CRM - Telemarketers, Sales Representatives and Managers - having a defined level of access to the data. Each of these user categories has separate Google Apps to log in to the application and also a personalized dashboard for themselves.

"Creator automated a tonne of what we do and made our lives simpler"

The telemarketer's dashboard

A telemarketer can see in her dashboard, the list of calls she has to do on a particular day with an option to print it. If the prospect agrees to a meeting, she can check the location of the prospect in Google maps directly from the App, and look for the sales rep from that location. Then she will look into the calendar and see the scheduled appointments of that sales rep and schedule a new appointment in the calendar. From the dashboard, she can see the appointments she set up, the leads generated by her. Also, she can see the commissions and bonuses due to her.

The Sales Rep's dashboard

The Sales Rep can use his GApps log in to access the CRM. In his dashboard, he can see the follow up that he has to make and the new appointments that have been assigned to him. If he wants to set up an appointment by himself other than what is set up already the telemarketer, he can do so under the tasks module. The calendar lists all these appointments in the coming days.

From the CRM, he can search for the customer location or the contact number. The integration with Google Apps provides the location in Google Maps.

He can track the customers he has followed up, see the status of each of them. Also, he can see the commissions and bonuses due from the dashboard.

Each time an appointment is set up or a deal is closed, the commissions are calculated automatically and the details are updated on the telemarketer's or sales rep's dashboard instantly.

The Manager's dashboard

Users of the managerial level can access the CRM and see the completed and pending activities of the telemarketers and the sales reps. He can approve the commissions, keep a tab on the progress of the sales activity.

The CRM gives a report on the daily sales and the activity of the sales reps and the telemarketers.

From the reports available to him, a manager can pitch in wherever needed and also set an activity for others, as necessary, right from the CRM.

"Zoho was very easy to learn and use. 5 minutes into it I realized how easy it was"

The CEO's dashboard

The CEO of the company has full access to all the reports. He gets a complete picture of the sales activities from the CRM. He can estimate a new commission, bonuses, earnings and payments and approve the ones sanctioned by managers.

The CEO's dashboard is a snapshot of his company's performance and where it stands with respect to earnings and expenses.