Driving IT innovation with Zoho Creator

Kumi Motors specializes in selling Kia vehicles and offering maintenance services. In this ebook, we explore how they moved from paper-based processes to inefficient spreadsheets and then, eventually, to custom applications built on Zoho Creator. We spoke with Eduardo, the chief developer of the company, about their current apps and how they've managed to change their staff's perspective on cloud computing.

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Key takeaways

  • Extensive databases

    A 20% increase in second-hand vehicle sales due to comprehensive listing and record maintenance.

  • Affordable systems

    Custom employee management that eliminates the overhead costs of purchasing an off-the-shelf solution.

  • Thorough analytics

    Dedicated dashboards to analyze sales by region, with proper reports on new and preowned vehicles.

  • Mobilty

    Key business functions like human resources, inventory, and quote management, all maintained in one place with continuous mobile access.

"Zoho Creator is an integral solution to the company, and it's user-friendly regardless of an employee’s study level or computer skills."

From chasing paperwork to settling on the cloud—how Kumi Motors found a stable solution with Zoho Creator

Like many growing businesses, Kumi Motors soon realized their paper-based processes weren't as efficient as they wanted them to be. They started off with Excel and Access databases, only to discover that every staff member had their own way of working with spreadsheets, resulting in inaccuracies.

It took them a while, but when they embraced cloud technology, they had initial concerns. Not all of their employees were tech-savvy, and management needed assurance that their data would be secure. Luckily, they chose to work with Zoho Creator. Despite the company's hesitancy, they now run most of their critical operations on custom applications built on Zoho Creator.