Improving student satisfaction with Zoho Creator

IOA Global, a subsidiary of Infinite Group, is a leading international education consulting company that helps students get placed at top university programs across the globe.  IOA recognized the need for a purpose-built platform that would help them automate tasks and manage stakeholders like students, staff, university partners from a single space. So they, along with Zoho Advance Partner WiseThink, developed an end-to-end educational ERP platform using Zoho Creator. Read how the platform helped IOA improve business cost efficiencies by 18%.

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Key takeaways

  • 18% reduction in costs

  • 17 hours saved per week

  • Improved student satisfaction

  • Complete control over business processes

"The Creator-based platform enabled us to streamline our business processes and scale the system usage up and down on demand. This helped us boost student satisfaction while improving business efficiency."

Gaurav Batra,

Gaurav Batra,

MD, IOA Global.

IOA scaling their consulting operations with Zoho Creator

IOA has worked with thousands of students and has helped them achieve their dream of studying abroad. Over the years, IOA realized that to improve the student experience, they need to upgrade the software used to manage their program.

Back in 2018, before switching to Creator, IOA used a patchwork of products such as spreadsheets, email, SMS, and social media groups to communicate with their students. Using these unconnected products meant that their students had to hunt for information and ended up calling IOA to clarify their doubts. Internally, IOA recorded data in a mix of email, spreadsheets, and paper.

IOA had to hire dedicated resources to manage these manual admin tasks, resulting in human errors and higher costs.

They knew that to scale their business, they needed a platform that would help them automate tasks inside their program and effectively manage students. That's when they connected with Zoho Advance Partner, WiseThink.

WiseThink introduced IOA to Zoho Creator and made a quick proof-of-concept for them. IOA was sold on the prospect of Zoho Creator.

Together, they developed an end-to-end education ERP platform that helps IOA run everything from managing staff to handling student queries and more.

The platform helped IOA scale its operations by 12% and reduce costs by over 18% in less than a year.

See how IOA scaled its operations, reduced costs, and improved customer experience.

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