CarryFresh Logistics achieves 50% YoY growth with Zoho Creator

Learn how Zoho Creator helps CarryFresh Logistics run their cold chain solutions business smoothly. To date, Carryfresh has served 80+ enterprise and small business clients across industries—including chocolate, dairy, floral, meat, medicine, chemical, and other temperature-controlled industries—using Zoho Creator.

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Hassle-free data management

  • User-based access and control

  • Ease of managing operations

  • Visibility of resources

"Zoho Creator has helped us scale to keep up with the demand. We've grown from a single user to 7 users using Zoho Creator across locations to manage operations and accounts."



MD & Founder, CarryFresh

App development with Zoho Creator

One of the advantages that CarryFresh Logistics achieved with Zoho Creator was a faster and more straightforward development process compared to traditional development. They were also able to test the live application in a sandbox environment, which saved them a lot of time to focus on their core business.

The IT team at CarryFresh could now control who could see which data and access certain forms and reports, which eventually led to the development of a single application, CarryFresh SAP (systemized application process).

Digitizing CarryFresh Logistics with Zoho Creator

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