Streamlining steel trading by harnessing Zoho Creator

Omicron Components was functioning just like any other steel trading company—all of their business processes were conducted manually, on paper. Paperwork was the norm, and heaps and heaps of it accumulated over time. Business processes were in disarray. A solution was needed.

Enter Zoho Creator partner Sooite Solutions. They suggested Omicron go the low-code route. A quick prototype later, Omicron Components was convinced about the efficacy of low-code solutions to streamline their operations. Sooite Solutions completely automated Omicron's steel trading processes end-to-end by harnessing Zoho Creator applications.

Read how Omicron Components overhauled their steel trading processes using Zoho Creator's low-code capabilities.

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Key takeaways

  • Transition from paperwork to 100% digitization

  • Holistic client information capture

  • Granular view into transactions

  • 35% productivity increase

  • 100% accountability across the organization

"The Zoho Creator application has efficiently streamlined all of Omicron Components' organizational processes. It has increased productivity and efficiency several times."

Patrizia Volonghi,

Patrizia Volonghi,

MD, Sooite Solutions.

Revolutionizing the steel trading industry using low-code

Omicron Components SRL is an Italian company specializing in the trading and supply of hydraulic steel components and special-purpose steel. Founded in 2014, the company now markets its products across 5 continents. Initially, all their business processes were conducted manually. However, when sifting through heaps upon heaps of paperwork became too much, they moved to Excel spreadsheets. For a while things seemed to be fine, but as the business grew, spreadsheets just weren't getting the job done.

Spreadsheets had several disadvantages, such as:

Difficulties in real-time collaboration amongst employees

Tough to create insightful reports

Hard to work with spreadsheets on field staff handhelds

After testing out several alternatives, the chief executives of Omicron Components realized that low-code was a viable way to digitize their operations. As they needed a quick solution, they turned to Italy's top Zoho Creator partner, Sooite Solutions, who engineered a fully functional Creator application within a few weeks, and completely overhauled and digitized Omicron Components' steel trading processes.

Read more about how Zoho Creator helped Omicron Components achieve 35% more productivity in this case study.

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