Running a national rice mill chain with a custom ERP software

Explore how Shree Gajanan Industries, a rice milling industry based in Telangana, India, automated stock control, order management, payments and invoice generation with custom ERP applications built on Zoho Creator.

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Key takeaways

  • 10x faster processing and delivery

  • Centralized finance control

  • Single source of truth

"Zoho Creator helped us set up an automated system for process management, stock maintenance, and production planning. Without a second thought, I'd recommend Zoho Creator to any manufacturer looking to digitize operations, and automate and streamline business processes for greater market adaptability."

Ravish Bhimani,

Ravish Bhimani,

CFO of Shree Gajanan Industries

Multiple ERP applications on one platform

Shree Gajanan Industries is a rice milling industry that manufacturer of multiple kinds of Sona Masoori rice in Telangan, India. Started as a humble business in 1969, Shree Gajanan Industries has grown into a state-of-the-art factory with a turnover of over 1.25B INR. They've also received the National Award for Conducting Fair Business Practice from the Honorable Vice President of India in 2001.

Their day-to-day processes involved tracking paddy trucks, maintaining a record of the loads received, checking the quality and, finally, supplying the processed rice to their vendors. Like most organizations, they initially used MS Excel for managing all the data but their business grew to a point where MS Excel couldn't scale anymore. Their business demanded a more powerful, customizable and scalable solution. With Zoho Creator, they were able to build every business application they needed on one platform without having to pay for multiple software. Today, every order, from inquiry to sales, and every round of production, from raw material procurement to end product delivery, is captured and automated on Zoho Creator.

In this case study, Ravish Bhimani, CFO of the company shares how their team leveraged low-code technology to automate their rice mill business.

Learn how Zoho Creator helped Shree Gajanan Industries automate their rice production business

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