The Uphill Battle To Make a Difference

A legal nonprofit redefined its day-to-day operations with Zoho Creator, making a smooth transition from spreadsheets to our cloud-based database management system (DBMS). We've covered the full story in our ebook; give it a read now!

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Key Benefits

  • Higher Productivity

    Dynamic reports and dashboards made data analysis quick, convenient, and time-efficient.

  • Mobile Functionality

    With a full-fledged native mobile app, data was entered into applications in real time.

  • Zero Errors

    Dropdown search menus and data validation ensured that user input was accurate.

"Zoho Creator has impacted our success in a very positive way, specifically in reducing the time it takes to collect and record data, as well as making relevant data more easily accessible."

Raio Krishnayya,

Raio Krishnayya,

Founder and Executive Director.

Because spreadsheets are good, but not good enough

The Center for Victims and Human Rights (CVHR), headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, has one mission—to provide legal and financial support to victims of domestic violence across the country. After four years of using spreadsheets to manage data that ranged from client details to funding and grants, CVHR realized that spreadsheets just aren't built to handle large quantities of scattered information.

Their discovery of Zoho Creator led to them developing four independent apps that encompassed all of their business processes. The apps made entering, manipulating, and retrieving data quick and simple, saving valuable time and energy for employees and customers.

One platform to build them all

CVHR found a complete database management tool in Zoho Creator, one that resolved all the shortcomings of spreadsheets. The apps enabled them to:

  • Ensure consistency of data, regardless of the employee who entered it.
  • Fully customize elements of the applications, according to the context in which they were used.
  • Restrict data access by job role, showing users only what they needed to see.
  • Easily search and retrieve pertinent information.

Huge productivity gains, zero errors: Learn how CVHR pulled it off

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