Scaling down greenhouse gas emissions with Zoho Creator

Check out how Gas Track Engineering, an emission management company, built a solid database that can track all gas leaks, their repairs, and the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted, using Zoho Creator.

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Key benefits

  • An online database to track workflows like gas leaks and repairs

  • Customized dashboards for users to access data in real-time

  • Online map reports find job sites

  • Ease of access to data for everyone, using QR codes

  • Accessing real-time data using video and file uploading

"We couldn't run the business or generate the revenue we're generating without a cloud database like Zoho. With Creator, last year, we increased revenues by 500% from the previous year—and all collected through Zoho. I've been able to hire and manage several staffs and a client database of about 30 customers through Zoho software."

 Jason Paziuk,

Jason Paziuk,

President, Gas Track Engineering

Gas Track Engineering's mission to ensure a healthier environment

Gas Track Engineering, founded in 2019, is an emission management company, primarily in the oil and gas industry, that tracks emissions from natural gas sources. They specialize in fugitive emission leak detection and management programs, emissions recordkeeping, land surveying, and optical gas and thermal imaging. In 2019, they caught wind of new regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the oil and gas industry and saw an opportunity to establish a company that could track and manage these emissions from oil companies.

They have built an emission management system, project tracker, and safety app using Zoho Creator for their day-to-day operations—from access to entering data in the field and automating processes to exporting data, which can help them offer the right formats of data to the people who need the information.

A typical day at Gas Track Engineering begins with the creation of a project in their Project Tracker app, followed by the dispatch of a technician to the field to collect data, scan a site, and look for gas leaks using their optical gas imaging cameras. Once they find leaks, they quantify the amount of greenhouse gas equivalent emissions and send notifications that are automatically generated through the app, to inform the clients that they've got a leak, or multiple leaks, in their facilities.

Delve in to Gas Track Engineering's journey for a better tomorrow

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