WCube is a one-stop sourcing platform for B2B purchases of IT products, office supplies, cleaning supplies, and more. They sell over 16,000 products across various regions. The organization built their customized BPM software, Cube Ops, using Zoho Creator. Cube Ops is critical for their business operations and was built in less than three months. Successful outcomes include quicker adoption, just-in-time (JIT) inventory, improved efficiency, and revenue growth.

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WCube was looking for a business process management (BPM) platform that they could customize for their own needs. WCube sells about a million and a half SKUs to customers in varied locations, with numerous vendor and supplier orders. Since their operations run on a just-in-time (JIT) inventory model, the information they pass needs to be seamless across stakeholders.

“When a client orders a cleaning solution, I have about 800 SKUs to select from—our low-code BPM platform helps me identify and decode which of those hundreds of SKUs I need.”

Udit Karan Chandhok, CEO and co-founder of WCube India

What makes Zoho Creator an excellent fit for Agile BPM software?

The openness of the platform allows WCube to utilize API integrations and connect their Creator application with their vendor platform, built on third-party software. The application also integrates with Zoho Books.

WCube’s supply chain module provides ease of use for field employees who pick up material from vendors and during customer deliveries. Seamless data access and data capture have made last-mile adoption quicker for end users who aren’t tech-savvy.

They use Zoho Creator to build and test prototypes efficiently, before implementation and deployment.

Zoho Creator’s enterprise-grade scale and security ensure WCube’s applications are reliable and secure.

Why WCube chose Zoho Creator

Customized BPM software to improve agility

Quicker application deployment

Stable platform that can sustain current operations but also scale up


Cube Ops, their internal platform built on Zoho Creator, automates the entire process lifecycle of a customer through their ecosystem.

Within the custom-built BPM software, many modules—such as sales, quotation, inventory management, product category, supply chain, etc.—are handled by their respective departments.

Specifically, they store inventory on Cube Ops, which enables live tracking. This data then links with the inventory the vendor holds. The quotation module g enerates quotations for their customers and generates POs for the vendors.

With Cube Ops, WCube has also streamlined sales management by enabling location tracking from client/customer locations. Apart from the customer details, this helps track various product SKUs sold and captures the entire sales beat of a particular executive. These details also ensure that the reimbursement process is digitized.

With clients ranging from facility management and manufacturing companies to hotels, often having multiple locations, the Cube Ops application helps track the many supply chain deliveries happening on any given day.

The application also aids in decision-making, allowing WCube to choose the best vendors via vendor score cards, look at pricing offered and available products, and then match them to the customer's requirements.

WCube built their Agile BPM software in-house within a month, with Zoho Creator's support as needed. From 5 users initially, the platform is now accessed by about 100 users, and the numbers are steadily increasing.

“In our case, the items need to be checked, either before dispatch, or at quality assessment, or at pick-up or delivery—and all that happens on the platform. So there are multiple apps which look at data, and there are multiple user interfaces which look at data.”

Udit Karan Chandhok, CEO and co-founder of WCube India

Here’s a sneak peek of the application

sneak peek
sneak peek
sneak peek
sneak peek
sneak peek
sneak peek
sneak peek


WCube’s operational efficiency has improved by leaps and bounds with their Agile BPM software custom-built on Zoho Creator.

Results include:

Technology cost savings in lieu of technology debt that would be incurred building complex BPM software customized for their needs

Just-in-time (JIT) inventory management allowed them to improve their productivity by at least 25%

Their business has shown 2x MoM growth, as the platform has managed to handle complex uses, adaptability to scale up, and last-mile adoption.

In terms of revenue, WCube has scaled up from transacting about half a million (INR) a day to millions a day now

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“Zoho has always been a trustworthy ally in our journey.”

Udit Karan Chandhok, CEO and co-founder of WCube India