Group tours: Making memories from moments

Group tours: Making memories from moments

GroupTravel is an agency that believes in making your trip to Spain personal. Whether it's making hotel reservations, arranging vehicles for your commute, or planning the cruise of a lifetime, GroupTravel will organize your perfect trip for you.​

But it isn't as easy as you'd think.​

"What often happened was that my client would arrive at the destination, and something would have gone wrong. Something would have fallen apart."

Well, that sure isn't how I'd want my trip to pan out.​​

"Before Zoho Creator, we used to work a lot manually. Everything was stored in thousands of documents, and at one point, they became impossible to process." ​​

And so they automated most of their tasks. With a Zoho Creator application, of course.​

So now, tasks like sending emails, collecting client data, and letting clients update their travel preferences themselves, all happen on schedule.​

What's more, the drivers working for GroupTravel also update their current statues, so that managers at the office can rest assured that clients are travelling safely and on time.​

"Now, though, all information is computerized, in a single app. And through one simple search, we can find the information we're looking for. And that really speeds up a lot of our work."​​

It's not rocket science; it's one app and a team back at Zoho that makes it possible.​

"Thanks to Zoho Creator, a small company like mine can compete on a world-class basis with any big company."​

What more could we ask?

Thanks:Francis Moreno (Founder) - Group Travels.