From London to the world

This is the story of Zoho Creator's inception at ICP's London IT department, and how it made its way to their offices all over the world.

Spreadsheets were the core of IT asset management at ICP, and it held them back from scaling new heights. Read more about how a low-code platform was put in place to tackle this issue and help the company become more productive in serving their customers.

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Key advantages:

  • No communication gaps

    Every piece of information is handled in real time by the ICP app.

  • Reduced costs

    No unnecessary spending on IT assets.

  • Minimized errors

    As more processes were automated, errors disappeared.

  • Mobile capability

    Field workers are able to receive updates and enter data on the go.

  • No maintenance needed

    ICP can work towards their cause without worrying about the underlying infrastructure of their applications.

"I don't have the feeling that this is a software application. I think this is an app for ICP. That's what we call it—our own application."

Manuel Escobedo,

Manuel Escobedo,

IT Manager

A new chapter for ICP

For a company in the digital asset management space, ICP always had global ambitions. And, in order to perform at that level, ICP required a quality framework to manage their businesses and assets.

Taking a step away from spreadsheets was always challenging. They wanted software that would be reliable and help them ensure data flow between multiple departments. That's how ICP came across a new technology called "low-code" and eventually, Zoho Creator. With a bit of prior coding expertise, Manuel then built the application ICP uses to manage the IT department at their London office. The successful implementation of Zoho Creator convinced other departments to try the platform. As of now, six departments in London use Zoho Creator, and on the recommendation of leadership, it's even made its way into a couple of ICP offices in USA.

With Zoho Creator, ICP doesn't have to worry about streamlining their business operations anymore. Employees have all the information at their fingertips and can now work towards their larger goals uninterrupted.

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