PBA Systems improves quality and reduces errors with Zoho Creator

Read how PBA Systems digitized their production data to make operational decisions using a production tracker app built on Zoho Creator.

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Key takeaways

  • Reduces manual errors for their production process

  • Provides better traceability for quicker root cause identification of NCR

  • Ensures quality, as any reject during production is addressed before it moves to the next stage of the process

  • Provides customizable dashboards and reports for detailed analysis

"There has been a reduction in errors, and quality issues have all drastically dropped by 70 or 80%. So we're seeing a lot less errors, output-wise."

Ivan Ling,

Ivan Ling,

Digital Transformation Office, PBA Systems

PBA System's mission to deliver excellence

PBA Systems, an industrial automation and robotics company founded in 1999, specializes in direct drive motor design and manufacturing, motion control, stages, and precision systems. Their core divisions are precision robotics, general robotics, and mechanical components. Their entire manufacturing process used to be done by hand. Because there was no proper system in place, they saw many manual errors in labeling data, scanning QR codes, and other quality issues like yield loss and defective products being shipped out.

With Zoho Creator, they built a production tracker to digitize their entire production process. They also wanted to digitalize the production data from their manufacturing sites, so that they could make operational decisions based on the results of the production tracker. They wanted to use the software to validate the test results because they were in the process of manufacturing electrical components. They also wanted to minimize their product failure rate during these processes, where they feed the product testing data to Zoho using their instruments and then have to define the testing parameters on this operator.

Discover how PBA Systems digitized their production process

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