Unifying people and processes with Zoho Creator

Read how Fieldstone Helms, a creative agency based out of Kenya, automated their day-to-day processes using Zoho Creator.

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Key takeaways

  • Overall productivity increased by 80%

  • Operational costs reduced by 40%

  • 30% time saved on repetitive tasks

"Zoho Creator gave me the ease of building an enterprise-level app very quickly, and taking it to market took no time at all."

Esther Wango,

Esther Wango,


Automating everyday processes with low-code

Founded by Thomas Omanga in 2011, Fieldstone Helms is a creative agency based out of Nairobi, Kenya. They provide creative services, including branding, design, campaigns, advertising, and storytelling. As time went by, and the company grew, managing people and processes simultaneously became challenging.

Since everything was managed on emails, spreadsheets, and phone calls, they had limited visibility of what was going on. They were looking for a solution that was flexible in terms of coding, but didn't want to worry too much about the front-end/back-end development and deployment.

And that's how they found Zoho Creator.

Within 3 months, they built a full-fledged agency management system. And, as of today, Fieldstone Helm's application has 36 users, across 3 departments. It's made their lives a lot easier, especially during COVID, and everyone⁠—including the managers, writers, clients, and creative folks⁠—is aware of what everyone else is up to!

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