Pexion's low-code journey

Discover how Pexion improved data capture and production lifecycle visibility, digitized paperwork, and integrated their statutory compliance and shop floor processes using low-code.

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Major benefits

  • End-to-end visibility

    From QA and sales, to finance and service engineering, they've gained total visibility of all their data from 18 businesses, in real time.

  • Shorter development time

    Pexion saw their development speed improve by 20x, enabling them to roll out apps more quickly than before.

  • Reduction in costs

    The company has saved on time, development costs and achieved financial net savings of more than £175k over three years.

"Zoho Creator has saved us more than £175k over a three-year period. This is the minimum figure, as we haven't considered the overall impact from improvements, time saved and utilized elsewhere. I'm trying to think of a task that we couldn't overcome using Zoho Creator. It's fantastic."

Reg Horman,

Reg Horman,

Systems and IT Director, Pexion

Pexion's venture into low-code

The Pexion Group is an 18-company manufacturing organization based out of the United Kingdom, providing custom manufacturing solutions for multiple business. Their business model includes engineering parts in aerospace and defense, automotive, medical, oil and gas, marine industries, and more.

One of the biggest challenges they had was to digitize their documentation processes and streamline their production operations. While they had a basic ERP and one or two MRP databases, there was little consistency for compliance and reporting processes.

They were in search of a solution that could help them speed up their development process, automate their data capture and shop floor processes, and provide complete control of their operations.

They gave Zoho Creator a try, and it helped them achieve what they needed. As of today, they have end-to-end visibility across all their departments and custom apps for every need, and cut back on development costs. They've also automated all their documentation processes, and no longer use paper to ideate app requirements, instead prototyping them on Creator.

Find out how Pexion got rid of spreadsheets and ERPs

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