Zoho Creator catalyzed Finar’s operations

Sometime back, Finar, a chemical manufacturing company, underwent a second wave of digitization in their organization. They adopted for off-the-shelf cloud-based tools to replace their unconnected software systems. While these tools helped reduce manual work, they didn’t offer all the features that Finar needed. Finar turned to Aarialife, a Zoho Premium Partner, who helped them plug the feature gap in these tools by implementing a Zoho Creator-based solution. This solution enabled Finar automate their business processes further and gain greater clarity of their business.

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Key benefits:

  • Complete visibility into sales pipeline

  • Reduction in manual work

  • Integration with existing tools

  • COVID compliance

"The apps built on Creator have helped us get a bird’s-eye view on our business activities, and the various dashboards provide us with actionable insights, which has allowed us to make decisions quicker. "

Arpit Butala,

Arpit Butala,

Chief Financial Officer, Finar

Finar’s second wave of digitization

Finar manufactures laboratory chemicals for their clients from industries such as pharmaceuticals, food manufacturing, and government institutions.

Sometime back, Finar realized that the tools they put in place during their first go at digital transformation weren’t interconnected, and employees had to switch between multiple apps to get work done. To cut down on manual work, Finar consolidated the software used in their organization, and put in place cloud-based CRM, help desk, and HR software to handle their IT needs.

While consolidating the software used in their organization helped Finar cut down on manual work, and the tools' cloud-first nature allowed employees to access them on the go, these tools didn’t offer all the features that Finar needed to run their business.

Enter Zoho Creator

Finar reached out to Aarialife, a Zoho Premium Partner, who introduced them to Zoho Creator as a solution for their requirements. Zoho Creator is a low-code platform that can easily be integrated with existing enterprise systems, such as ERPs and CRMs.

Based on Finar’s needs, Aarialife quickly developed a proof of concept that showcased the power of Creator. They were sold on the potential of Zoho Creator.

Finar is currently using three applications based on Creator—a sales tracking application, a pipeline management application, and a COVID compliance application.

See how Finar uses Zoho Creator to manage their day-to-day operations

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