RescueOne: Saving lives, powered by Zoho Creator

RescueOne has specialized in search & rescue services and rescue training since 2008. They were initially operating on a basic software solution built with SQL Server as the backend. With time, the solution became slow, and they were unable to address changing business requirements. And, because all correspondence was through emails, as requests came in, it became difficult to manage and sift through endless email chains. The company required an alternative.

Naveh Lev, application architect and International Rescue Division head at RescueOne, started searching for a solution. The capability of low-code platforms impressed him, and he found them to be powerful, feature-rich, and easy to build apps on. After evaluating several of these platforms, he chose Zoho Creator, due to its affordability and vast array of features. A few quick prototypes later, and the organization quickly transitioned to being fully backed by Creator applications. The company has now streamlined its unique business processes and set up automatic scaling. Head to the link to learn more about how Creator helped RescueOne.

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Key takeaways after using Zoho Creator solutions:

  • Dependable software solutions for critical, life-or-death situations

  • Seamless, automatic scalability powering rapid organizational growth

  • Improved client satisfaction

  • Ability to make data-driven decisions

  • Improved accuracy and accountability

"The solutions we've built on Creator have helped us scale automatically. We've also streamlined our business processes, thanks to the platform's capabilities. Client satisfaction has even improved."

Naveh Lev

Naveh Lev

Application Architect and International Rescue Division head, RescueOne

RescueOne and Zoho Creator: Search and rescue powered by low-code

Read the case study to learn about how RescueOne runs its search and rescue operations, supported by low-code Zoho Creator applications.

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