From manual processes to automated workflows: Little Birdy & Co's success story with Zoho Creator

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Here's how Little Birdy & Co. benefitted using Zoho Creator

  • Built an order management application

  • Built an Asset management application

  • Facilitated production planning

  • Improved supplier and courier communication

"With Zoho Creator, we can create custom reports that show us the data we need in the format we want. This will allow us to make better business decisions and identify areas where we can optimize our operations".

Robyn Hewson,

Robyn Hewson,

Founder, Little Birdy & Co.

Zoho Creator provides a low-code, cloud-based, scalable platform to accommodate the unique business needs of any organization.

Little Birdy & Co. is a corporate bakehouse that specializes in helping businesses celebrate various occasions, such as staff birthdays, company anniversaries, and marketing events. They also offer catering services, including morning teas and lunches within the office. Little Birdy & Co. aims to be a one-stop shop, providing convenience and time-saving solutions to businesses. Before implementing a new system, Little Birdy & Co. relied heavily on manual processes, primarily using spreadsheets to record orders and manage basic accounting tasks. However, as the business grew, they encountered several limitations and frustrations. This led them to Zoho Creator.

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