KRC Logistics and Zoho Creator: Logistics fuelled by low-code

KRC Logistics is a family-owned logistics business started over 40 years ago in Chennai, India. Over the years, to run their operations, they've used a variety of tools starting from Visual Basic to FoxPro to MS Excel and MS Access. Realizing the need for a cloud-based SaaS solution, they turned to Zoho Creator, on which they built apps to steer their supply chain operations with great success. Read this ebook to learn about their Zoho Creator journey.

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Key features of the KRC app

  • Trip-based profit and loss estimation

  • Vehicle-based profit and loss estimation

  • Driver performance monitoring

  • Order management

  • Expense tracking

  • Imprest cash system management

  • Vehicle maintenance

  • Route analysis

"Creator allows KRC Logistics to compete with the big players in the Indian logistics industry."

Giriraj Ramachandran,

Giriraj Ramachandran,

Managing Director of KRC Logistics

Advantages of the apps built on Zoho Creator

Ease of use: The Zoho Creator apps are user-friendly. Employees of KRC Logistics don't need to be tech-savvy to use them.

Transparency and accountability: These apps have greatly enhanced the process transparency of the organization and the accountability of KRC Logistics' employees.

Scalability: The auto-scalability of the Creator apps allows KRC Logistics to run its operations using any number of personnel and vehicles, be it 5 or 500.

Find out how KRC Logistics leverages Creator to take on Indian supply chain giants

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