Towards equality in education

Learn how an education-centered nonprofit automated their routine tasks with custom apps built on Zoho Creator. This is an automation story that quadrupled employee and volunteer productivity.

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  • Influential scaling

    Team Everest recorded 400% organizational growth within just two months of using Zoho Creator.

  • Cost reduction

    The team saved over 30% of their previous annual costs.

  • Job efficiency

    Employees reported a savings of up to 20 hours per week that they would have otherwise spent on repetitive tasks.

"If you need to build custom software that suits your business and requires less programming knowledge and development time, go for Zoho Creator. It's a one-stop solution for easy app building."

Hanumantha Rao,

Hanumantha Rao,

CTO and Marketing Officer

Zoho Creator: The digital volunteer

Founded in 2006, Team Everest is one of India's largest youth-run nonprofit organizations. It seeks to impart quality education to underprivileged children. The team organizes fundraisers and other events in government-run schools and rural education centers across the country. Like many other organizations, they had unique processes that conventional software failed to address.

After three years of struggling with spreadsheets, WordPress, and Outlook, Team Everest set out to search for an alternative—and they stumbled upon Zoho Creator, a robust platform that allowed them to customize applications to meet their needs.

This ebook talks about how the organization underwent a digital transformation with the help of custom apps built on Zoho Creator.

A one-stop solution

The applications they built on our low-code platform helped them:

Simplify volunteer and donor information management.

Run well-planned campaigns and events.

Automate time-consuming manual daily activities.

Integrate their applications with other software through secure cross-channel accessibility.

Learn how Team Everest digitized their operations

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