Building custom ERP software for a furniture manufacturer

Read the story of Sakae, a manufacturing organization based out of Japan, and how they built custom ERP software to manage their entire manufacturing operation.

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Major benefits

  • Data management

    No more data discrepancies or errors, and automatic updates across all departments

  • Operational efficiency

    A 40% increase in overall productivity

  • Workflow automation

    Reduced redundant data entries and saved time

"Zoho Creator and Deluge make everything possible on a single platform, from the beginning to the end of our process."

Masanori Takeuchi,

Masanori Takeuchi,

IT Consultant, Sakae

Building a custom ERP

Founded in 1969, Sakae is a furniture manufacturing firm based out of Japan. They manufacture public space furniture like benches, pergola, swings, and sliders. Since they've been in the business for over 50 years, they were reluctant to try newer technologies and were using manual methods to manage their operations.

An old client-server system and some spreadsheets and papers were what they used to handle their processes. They knew it was time to replace their legacy systems with a solution that provided them with the flexibility to build an ERP which was cloud-based, easy to use, and cost-effective.

That's when they came across Zoho Creator. With its Deluge functionalities, seamless integrations, and visual builder, it was exactly what they were looking for. They built a custom ERP solution within 6 months, and automated every aspect of their operations. Now they no longer have to do multiple entries on different spreadsheets, and all the changes are updated in real time, across departments, thereby saving time and money.

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