Ship my Deal automates its warehouse operations with Zoho Creator

Ship my Deal is a fast-growing third-party logistics (3PL) service provider that helps ecommerce sellers fulfill their online orders. It was struggling to scale its operations using a patchwork of email, spreadsheets and general ledger software. Read how Ship my Deal worked with Zoho Partner GKB Labs to create it’s logistics and warehousing platform.

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" Prior to Zoho Creator, we used spreadsheets and general ledger software at Ship my Deal. We made an Excel sheet for every seller we served. At the end of every month, we manually went through each spreadsheet to cross-check the services the seller used that month. We then created an invoice and sent it to the seller via QuickBooks. "

Shachar Kaniel, CEO, Ship my Deal

Challenges faced by Ship my Deal

Employees had to manually record customer information in spreadsheets and create individual invoices using other software

The data stored in spreadsheets and general ledger software was not secure

SMD couldn't scale as quickly as it wanted to because of these generic tools, and dedicated off-the-shelf warehouse manage software cost over $1,000 a month

To address these issues, Ship my Deal used Creator to build an application with four core features:

  • Incoming dashboard

  • Outgoing dashboard 

  • Invoice creator

  • Seller portal

The Creator-based warehouse management platform changed their day-to-day operations' status quo and helped Ship my Deal exponentially scale its business.


Dozenshours saved every week

On item tracking, service recordkeeping, and invoicing customers

Improved customer trust

By providing up-to-date information through notifications.

Better decision-making

With advanced analytics and reports

"The bottom line is that Zoho Creator enabled us to scale. I mean, without it I would be spending most of my working hours just creating invoices instead of coming up with new services for our customers. "

Shachar Kaniel, CEO, Ship my Deal

Read this ebook to see how Ship my Deal optimized its operations with Zoho Creator

Read the ebook