Chez Pluie upscales its ecommerce business with Zoho Creator

Chez Pluie is an antiques and furniture ecommerce company based in Provence, France. It was launched in 2015 by Susannah and Hugh Cameron and is an exclusive online store. Ranked as the #1 furniture and antiques ecommerce store in France by Trustpilot, the company has an extensive collection of timeless homewares. Its finders service connects customers with the specific antiques they're searching for.

In the beginning, they relied on a combination of MS Excel, MS Access, and Airtable, all of which were way too basic for their needs. For their unique business model, they needed a highly configurable, cloud-based database that could integrate with their ecommerce platform. That's when Cameron started scouring the Internet for a different solution.

He first came across Zoho CRM, which led to discovering the full suite of Zoho products, including Zoho Creator. Owing to its highly accessible interface, diverse feature set, deep customizability, and realistic price point, Creator was a perfect fit. Cameron then designed and implemented an online database application on Creator that could manage Chez Pluie's operational tasks.

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Their Creator-built application contains modules and capabilities that can:

  • Instantly generate quotes for clients, from anywhere in the world

  • Manage all import and export processes

  • Generate signed and certified US import documents directly from the app

  • Set and continually update pricing for the company's entire inventory catalogue

  • Track suppliers’ inventory levels in real time

"For us, Creator is not a cost-saving tool—it is a business building tool. That is to say, without Creator we wouldn’t own a business, we would simply own a website. "

Hugh Cameron,

Hugh Cameron,

Founder, Chez Pluie

Benefits realized by Chez Pluie using Zoho Creator

Sales grew by 58% in the first year, with subsequent years registering consistent growth

Order cancellations reduced by 70% through better inventory control

Gross margin improved by 16% through better pricing control

Read how Chez Pluie upscaled its ecommerce business using Zoho Creator's low-code capabilities

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