Becoming self-reliant with Zoho Creator

This is the story of how Anand and Anand, a multifaceted legal firm having a history spanning almost a century with a presence across India, decided to make the switch to the cloud in order to tackle the challenges of remote work. They replaced legacy systems and employed organization-wide citizen development drills. In our conversation with Rajiv Maheshwari, the CEO of Anand and Anand, he talks about how they uplifted the morale of their employees and preserved their mental well-being.

Key takeaways

  • Citizen development

    Empowering their workforce to build applications and upgrade their skillset boosted self-confidence.

  • Cloud-based approach

    The all-in-one approach of cloud-based systems made the switch to remote work a lot easier.

  • Mobility

    Running process-specific applications on Web, mobile, and tablet devices, without writing an extra line of code, saved time and money.

  • Real-time monitoring

    Interactive dashboards and the ability of Zoho Creator to cater to needs outside of professional work, made employees happier and more productive.

"We believe that Zoho Creator, along with other Zoho applications, can potentially replace our entire ERP and several legacy applications, which is in line with one of the five meta trends of Gartner's Hype Cycle–Composable Enterprise Architecture."

Rajiv Maheshwari,

Rajiv Maheshwari,


A glimpse at Anand and Anand's journey with Zoho Creator

Anand and Anand, like many organizations who've been around for a long time, had their customized systems and software in place. Once the pandemic struck and remote work loomed large, this was no longer a viable option.

This is when Rajiv started looking for a solution that could take them to the cloud, migrate data easier and faster, facilitate remote work, and keep communications intact. After trials with products ranging from traditional software to all-in-one cloud solutions, he finally stumbled upon the Zoho business suite, and eventually a relatively new technology called low-code.

With Zoho Creator, Anand and Anand led a software rebuilding effort in the organization, with automation of end-to-end processes using custom software. Business users took on the role of citizen developers to drive innovation and employee engagement.

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