Fighting food waste and hunger across Indonesia with Zoho Creator

The events of the last few years have propelled the need for organizations across sectors to speed up their digital transformation efforts—and nonprofits certainly weren't immune to this shift in thought. Meet FoodCycle, a Creator-powered nonprofit based out of Indonesia with the noble mission of eliminating food waste and feeding the underprivileged.

Low-code didn't just help FoodCycle engage with donors and track campaigns. It made their organization more efficient by streamlining processes, increasing communication between involved stakeholders, and allowing them to allocate resources more effectively.

Key takeaways

  • Migrated from Excel

  • Automated all their paper-based processes

  • Built a 360-degree nonprofit management system

  • Complete control and secure access to donor and volunteer data

"Zoho Creator helps us streamline our day-to-day operations, from tracking the incoming donations from our beneficiaries, warehousing, and distribution to partnering agencies. We generate weekly and monthly reports and share them with all involved stakeholders. I think Creator is very fluid. We can easily integrate it with other applications and access it from any device"



Operations Manager, FoodCycle Indonesia,

Becoming a Creator-powered nonprofit


Started in 2017, FoodCycle is a nonprofit organization working toward eliminating food waste and hunger throughout Indonesia. To do this, they collect and redirect surplus food from different sources to those who need it.

Astrid, the co-founder of FoodCycle, stumbled upon Zoho Creator when she took part in Zoholics, Zoho's annual user conference. She was intrigued by how quick and easy the low-code application development process was and decided to sign up. After exploring the platform, Astrid reached out to the Creator team with their requirements, and the experts quickly worked on a custom solution that would address FoodCycle's every need.

The FoodCycle Hub acts as an end-to-end solution enabling the FoodCycle team to plan and execute campaigns, store donor information, manage inventory, gauge supply and demand, and coordinate logistics from a single place.

Zoho Creator is honored to be a part of this incredible organization's efforts. Read this ebook to learn how FoodCycle digitized their operations using low-code.

Learn how FoodCycle Indonesia automated their day-to-day operations with Zoho Creator

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