Automating asset management with Zoho Creator

ACI Design is a full-service design and production studio based out of the United States. They specialize in trade show exhibits, large format graphics, and related support services. Founded in 1979, they've helped over 1,100 customers with their trade show displays and exhibit needs.

In 2020, ACI’s software vendor introduced a significant update to its software which broke ACI’s workflows. Read this ebook to see how Multiplica Lite, a Zoho Partner, helped ACI develop an end-to-end asset management platform that enabled ACI to improve their customer experience while reducing manual errors.

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  • Improved customer experience

  • Reduce administrative work

  • Support during COVID

  • On-the-go mobile access

"We were looking for software that would mold itself to our business process rather than the other way around. The software needed to be simple enough for our customers to use while offering the advanced features that we were looking for. We found all of that in Zoho Creator."

Helen Richie,

Helen Richie,

Partner, ACI Design

Running a full-service design studio with Zoho Creator

The company began in 1979 as a business-to-business advertising agency and graphic design firm. Since then, they've helped over 1,100 customers with their trade show displays and exhibit needs.

The mainstay of ACI Design is new exhibits and custom rentals for trade shows. In addition, they offer services like storage and maintenance to clients who purchase their displays from ACI Design and want a company to manage their exhibit assets.

Back in late 2017, ACI Design purchased licenses to an off-the-shelf asset management software. While the software didn’t work exactly as per ACI’s workflows, it enabled them to digitize their operations. ACI used the product to offer customers access to a dedicated dashboard with all their activities.

In late 2020, the vendor introduced an update that changed how the software worked. The update introduced changes to the system that created extra work to execute general processes. These changes made the product very complicated to use for ACI and their customers.

ACI then reached out to Multiplica Lite, a Zoho Partner, who helped create a tailor-made asset management platform that conformed exactly to their business processes and practices.

See how ACI improved their customer experience with Zoho Creator

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