Crafting a custom manufacturing solution with Zoho Creator: Armoires AD Plus increases productivity by 20%

In this ebook, we share the story of a manufacturing company who streamlined and automated their end-to-end business process. Read how Armoires AD Plus( AD+), a family-owned company based in Quebec, achieved greater efficiency and success using Zoho Creator.

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Key takeaways

  • 13% growth in their initial year

  • 20 hours a week saved in administration

  • Access to real-time information from anywhere

  • Seamless integrations with other Zoho and third-party applications

"I couldn't have experienced the growth we've had in the past two years without my Zoho Creator app. Since its implementation, Zoho Creator has allowed us to grow without spending any money on additional headcount."

Dany Gilbert

Dany Gilbert

CEO, Armoires AD Plus

From design to delivery: Custom cabinet manufacturing made easy with Zoho Creator

The implementation of Zoho Creator in 2018 allowed AD+ to experience significant growth in turnover, with an initial increase of 13%. The company attributes this growth to the time saved by employees, who can now focus on important tasks.

‌"We are already able to say that our productivity will increase by 20% due to better management of our time and resources." Dany Gilbert, CEO of AD+

By using a single solution throughout the company, collaborative working has been promoted, and employees now have access to real-time information from their computers and phones.

This has simplified and helped categorize the entire process, from ordering to production and delivery, leading to better structure and defined roles for each person. Thanks to Zoho Creator and its flexible integrations, AD+ has continued to improve its operations and employee experience.

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