Advanced Tastes Holding Company boosts productivity by 60% with Zoho Creator

Learn how Advanced Tastes Holding Company streamlined their operations using a tailor-made ERP on Zoho Creator.

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Advanced Tastes Holding Company has leveraged Zoho Creator to build apps for:

  • Human Resources

  • Operations

  • Maintenance

  • Payroll

  • IT Ticketing

"Zoho Creator was the apt solution for us. It is faster to deploy and easier to use when compared to competitors like Odoo. The complexity is low, the look and feel is great, and we can build a fantastic user interface with JavaScript."

 Fazal Mahfooz,

Fazal Mahfooz,

IT manager, Advanced Tastes Holding Company

Business benefits

Since the implementation of Zoho Creator in 2022, Advanced Tastes Holding Company has seen a 60% boost in productivity across departments. Creator has maintained its status ever since as the ideal fit for the company on their digital transformation journey.

Their payment process, which was the slowest, has seen the biggest impact in terms of productivity. All their records are now stored digitally and easily accessible, with clarity on all processes.

Satisfying the appetite for efficiency with a custom ERP on Zoho Creator

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