Revolutionizing tax filing: NurkinCPA's 200% productivity boost

Discover how NurkinCPA revolutionized their tax filing system by going digital with Zoho Creator, automating 95% of the process for their customers, boosting productivity by 200%, and increasing sales by 40%.

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Major milestones:

  • 200% increase in productivity

  • 95% automated customer processes

  • 40% growth in sales

"By implementing Creator we've saved on printing and paper costs. All files are now stored in the cloud, visible to our customers and our entire staff. Zoho Creator can benefit any organization looking to quickly implement a system that will eliminate manual processes, improve data gathering, increase visibility across the entire organization, and provide a better customer experience."

David Beychok,

David Beychok,

CEO, NurkinCPA

Tackling taxes with tech: NurkinCPA's custom self-service portal built on Zoho Creator

NurkinCPA is an Israel-based taxation firm specializing in U.S. income tax planning and tax compliance. With over 35 years of experience, they provide their services for U.S. tax residents living across the globe and Israeli individuals/companies with businesses in the United States.

Their major challenges included paper-laden processes, lack of visibility, and poor tracking. They used to print and store customer documents alphabetically on a shelf, making it difficult to track progress, answer customer questions, and manage their workload efficiently. This led to the decision to transition to a more automated system that would streamline the process, eliminate the need for printing, and provide a self-service portal for clients.

After considering Salesforce, HubSpot, and other off-the-shelf software, NurkinCPA found that none of them met their specific needs—until they discovered Zoho Creator. Its flexibility and integration capabilities allowed them to create a bespoke self-service portal for their customers to easily upload necessary information and documents for tax filing, access video tutorials and FAQs, and track the status of their filings.

Implementing Zoho Creator has had a significant impact on NurkinCPA, resulting in a 95% automation rate for customers, 200% boost to productivity, and 40% increase in sales. CEO David Beychok credits Zoho Creator with transforming their operations, allowing them to focus on growing the business and increasing customer satisfaction.

NurkinCPA's journey to digitizing their tax filing system with Zoho Creator

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