How the National Maternity Hospital cleared their backlogs using Zoho Creator

In this ebook, we explore how Ireland's largest maternity hospital left paper-based processes and on-premise software, and moved over to the cloud. We spoke with the hospital's director of patient safety to learn how Zoho Creator has helped them embrace paperless technology to effectively maintain their quality, risk, and patient safety records.

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Key takeaways

  • Operational efficiency

    Automated everyday processes like patient feedback and managing of incidents, risks, and compliance.

  • Streamlined access

    Dedicated portal for patients and their family members to log in and access medical records.

  • Clear reporting

    Compliance, quality, and risk assessment reports published as dashboards, so that management and medical staff can access and understand them more easily.

  • Mobile capability

    Hundreds of reports automatically deployed across the web and mobile devices.

"That is the beauty of Zoho—it's fairly easy and intuitive, and I'm learning new stuff about it every day. But what's been extremely useful is that the assistance I've received from Zoho support, over text, email, and telephone, has helped us continue to develop."

Dr. Feeney,

Dr. Feeney,

Director, Policy Risk and Patient Safety, NMH

NMH excelling in operational efficiency using Zoho Creator

The National Maternity Hospital helps expecting and hopeful parents to realize their dreams. However, like any organization dependent on paper and spreadsheets, they struggled to keep operations afloat. Installed database software helped them reduce the amount of paperwork they had to deal with on a daily basis, but it still fell short on efficiency. After over a year of experimenting and analyzing, they chanced upon Zoho Creator.

And now the National Maternity Hospital boasts a record of delivering over 9000 children and a 95% patient satisfaction rate. And how do they manage all that with only 800 staff members?

Zoho Creator plays a key role in their success. Not only is it the backbone of their quality improvement efforts, but it's also automated their patient feedback, compliance, and risk management systems, freeing up significant time and energy for staff to focus on their most important work—caring for patients.

Learn how the National Maternity Hospital cleared their backlogs

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