Courier Logistics transforms using Zoho Creator

Courier Logistics was struggling to manage its business using paper-based record keeping and legacy software. In this ebook, you'll learn how they leveraged Zoho Creator to build custom applications to transform their business and operations. 

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"Prior to Zoho Creator, the majority of Courier Logistics's business processes were time-consuming manual tasks, or the programs in use were limited in functionality."

Rachel McCartney, IT Manager

Courier Logistics was facing some problems:

Customer service reps had to assign tasks to drivers manually

Inefficient inventory software algorithms led to stock inaccuracies

Time, money, and resources were wasted on menial tasks

In order to address these issues, Courier Logistics used Creator to build an application with five independent modules:

  • Warehouse management 

  • Customer relationship management 

  • Visitor management

  • Human resource management

  • Operational management 

This changed the status quo of their day-to-day operations, resolved all of their problems, and streamlined their logistics operations. 

Eventually, Courier Logistics deployed over 50 applications for various purposes, using Zoho Creator.


By switching to Zoho Creator, Courier Logistics experienced:

Substantial monetary gains

Their warehouse management application alone saves Courier Logistics £13,000 per financial year. The CRM module saves £5,000 a year, and the visitor management module saves £1,600 a year. The operational management module contributed to a 90% increase in call-handling capacity.

Optimized time management

The apps built using Zoho Creator maximized work hours saved. Color-coded reports and custom-built dashboards made business statistics analysis a breeze for managers, and provided optimized time management.

Flexible IT governance

The customizability of the applications built on Zoho Creator means that the IT team can rapidly implement any changes requested by management. This grants the company highly flexible IT governance.

"Zoho Creator has enabled Courier Logistics Ltd to perform processes exactly the way they want to, and save huge amounts of money in the process."

Rachel McCartney, IT Manager

Find out how Courier Logistics transformed their logistics operations using Zoho Creator

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