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What's New - Features and Updates in Zoho Mail



Attachment viewer for Folders

Get a birds eye view of all the attachments in a specific folder. You can now easily locate the important files that came in as attachment in a particular folder without worrying about who sent or when it was sent. 

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Track sent emails

Check out the delivery details of the emails you send in a jiffy. You can know whether the email was delivered to the designated person or not. You can even find out the reason for bounce in cases if the emails were undeliverable! 

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Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are excellent tools to jot down such random thoughts without losing the current context. Sticky notes gets pinned up on your mailbox until you sway them away. You can easily pull out information from different emails and sew them together as a note for your reference! 

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Integrated Tasks and Notes

When you add Tasks or Notes from email, the tasks and notes will now be accessible right below the email. This better integration helps to contextually view the associated Tasks and Notes linked with the email and vice-versa. 

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Collaborate better by sharing instead of attaching

You can now share your files as link from Zoho Docs, instead of re-uploading them to your email. Avoid breaking your head to find out the correct version of files due to multiple copies with different versions.  Easily share documents in progress as link, to get centralized reviews from your colleagues and make changes easily to the same document! 

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Automate 750+ apps - Zapier Integration

With just a few clicks setup zaps and automate your workflows between email and other applications. Zapier, a third party integration platform, helps automation by creating zaps between different applications. The latest integration between Zapier and Zoho Mail allows you to build your custom zaps which can automate 750 + applications with your emails in Zoho Mail. 

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Schedule emails

Quickly compose the contents of the email and set up a schedule to send emails at an apt time for the recipient. Schedule helps you to send reminders or updates to your team at the right time, suitable for the task in hand. 

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Reminders and Follow ups

Easily add reminders to email, that need to be acted on at a later point of time. This can be based on the response to that email or even when there is no response from the other end. Sometimes we just need to be reminded about that email at the right time. Our reminders provide options to all these scenarios and even more. 

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@mention to add Recipients

When writing an email, simply @mention users in the email body to directly add them as recipients for that email. This helps you to include everyone related to that email, without the need to add them manually or miss them in a hurry!