What's New - Zoho Mail updates and release notes

What's New - Features updates in Zoho Mail



Classic Mail makes a comeback - Vintage theme

Good news for the users who loved our older interface. The new 'Vintage' theme is now available to those who thought old is gold.

New way to view emails - Horizontal preview pane

A new way to preview your emails in qiuick view. Those of you who have lesser vertical space, and want to use your screen's width in a better way can opt for horizontal preview pane, enabling you to read the emails below the list of emails. 

Flexible widths - Adjustable panes

The width of the preview pane and the email listing panes can now be adjusted to your comfort. This also gives you the freedom to have the preferred width for reading your emails from the preview pane. 

Wider view of Inbox - Show/ Hide Apps pane

In case you have devices with smaller screens, and have trouble in viewing emails even after adjusting the pane widths, you can go ahead and hide your Apps pane. You can easily show/ hide panes to switch between the apps and still have wider reading space. 



Coolest Interface - Zoho Mail 2018!

The coolest new interface of Zoho Mail, Zoho Mail 2018 was launched for all the users, with enhanced loading speed, intuitive actions and cleaner look. 



Preset color to your emails

Along with the font family and font size, you can now choose default font color for all the emails you send.

Refer here for more details.

Richer Notes, with nice formats!

You can now make your Notes look better with rich formatting options. 

This also ensures that, you can directly send them as email, using the Send as Email option, without having to format them all over again. 

Drag n Drop files from anywhere!

You can now simply drag and drop attachments from within the email interface , from one mail to another or even direclty from the attachment viewer

Easily enable/ disable Smart filters

You can now enable/ disable the smart filters that classifies the automated emails as Newsletters or Notifications. 

Other enhancements

Subfolders deletion under Trash : You can now delete the subfolders under Trash using the context menu. Refer here for more details. 

Contact card enhancements: You can now view the list of Tasks/ Notes created by the particular contact, from the contact details card. 

Refresh option for User Storage: When users delete their emails and empty Trash, they can view the change in their storage used using the Refresh option in the User Profile. 



Easier access to Streams Groups

Collaboration within your organization couldn't be simpler. 
With an enhanced access to all your Streams groups from the left pane, make use of Streams for all internal communication. A complete listing of all groups that you’re a part of, lets you swiftly navigate between your Streams pages.

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Start a chat about any Email or Streams post with just a click

Ever spotted a post and wanted to converse about it to the related members? Zoho Mail has integrated with Zoho Cliq to give you the Chatlet feature. Click the Chat icon on the top corner of any email, Streams post, Task or Note to start a group chat with members involved in the post. You can also edit the chat participants.

Just enter a title for the chat, and Cliq away! 

Find out how!

Managing your Streams Groups efficiently

Managing your Streams Groups could not have been made more effortless. The Groups Management page makes it simple to create a new group from within your mailbox. 
The Manage Groups page is a unified view of all the groups that you are a part of. All your group related activities can be managed from the Group Management page. 

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Emails can now be attached as EML files in the Composer

The emails in your mailbox can be directly attached to an email as an EML file. Just drag the email from the email listing and drop it into the compose window. Multiple emails can be attached at once by selecting them using the check-box and dragging and dropping them.

Find out how!

Enhanced options in the Email Composer

Adding to the multitude of options in the email compose, we have now introduced options to edit the line spacing, and also to add a subscript, superscript in the email content.

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Other Enhancements in Tasks, Vacation Reply and Streams view

Adding to our current functionality in Tasks, a Group Task can now also be assigned to a non-group member. Know more.

While configuring your Vacation Reply, you can now set a response interval. The response will be sent out based on the number of days specified in the configuration. Learn more.

Any Streams posts that you have been invited to will be displayed in the Invites view in Streams. This tab will be available in Home Streams view. Learn more.


Video/ Audio calls via Cliq from Mail

Freedom from Phone hassles! Just Cliq and call your contacts right from your mail. Look up the contact right from the email to initiate a chat via Cliq. Better still have an in person conversation using the Audio/ Video call options of Cliq integrated right within your email. 

Auto-upload attachments via Filter

You can now create a workflow/ rule via Filters to automatically upload attachments from your email in Zoho Mail to popular cloud storage (Zoho Docs/ Dropbox/ Google Drive/ Box/ One drive) of your choice. Just create a filter, with the conditions based on a combination of from / To/ Subject for emails with attachments, and choose the action to 'Add attachment to cloud'. Follow the steps to complete the authorization process and start uploading your files. 

Email status indicators in Mail listing

Take a quick look at your listing and know which emails were replied to and which were forwarded in a glance. The mail icons in the listing, now have the indicators to subtly denote the status of the email, in addition to the read/ unread status. 




A completely revamped settings

A completely revamped settings with collective card view to help you customize Zoho Mail to suit your preferences in a jiffy.  

Just click the relevant card to start changing your preferences. 

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Comfortable reading with Versatile reader view

A versatile reader view to help you read long emails without any distraction is now available in Zoho Mail. 

You can choose your preferred font face, adjust font size, line spacing or even choose night view to read at your convenience, inspite of the original formatting in the email. 

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Delete emails after 'n' days - Scheduled deletion

You can now schedule your new emails for deletion, based on some conditions defined in Filters. Among the set of new actions, the option to define how long the emails need to be present in your Inbox is also available. Certain emails loose their importance, after they are read and may be needed for reference only for a few days after they are read. Create exclusive filter for such emails, with predefined conditions and schedule auto delete of such emails after 'n' days. 

Find out how

Wordpress Plugin - To send emails using Zoho account

Setting up contact forms to send emails from your Wordpress website is just a click away. You can install the Zoho Plugin in Wordpress directly to send emails using your Zoho Mail account without any sweat. 

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Shared draft enhancements - Refresh in shared draft

You now know when a draft shared with you has been changed by its owner. You will notice a refresh icon, whenever a change is done in the draft shared with you that you are currently viewing. 

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Other enhancements - Language, Organization category

We have added some more languages (Bulgarian, Croatian, Bengali, Korean, Marathi, Telugu and Ukranian, to help you view Zoho Mail in your local language. Learn more.

In cases where the account gets blocked due to usage or storage issues, the user will be notified using a banner along with a link to unblock themselves. Learn more.

You can now choose from Organization category from the address book to quickly fill up multiple contacts grouped by your administrator. Learn more.


Profile uplift - Enhanced user information

Your profile information, storage details and account settings are now just a click away. Click your profile image, to have all the information at a glance. Get one click access to our range of mobile apps. Additionally, Admins can have renewal information and control panel at their finger tips.


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Share drafts - Get your email content reviewed

Get instant review for an email you are drafting. Just share the draft and ask your team mates to add their comments about the draft. Re-edit the draft, if needed and notify them about the changes, all right inside the draft. 


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Email Snippets - Scan important info in a glance

Scan important information in a glance. Getting, air tickets, vacation reservations by email? Read the flight information, hotel details right from the listing without even opening the email. Want to send emails, that show up as Email snippets?


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Quick Add - Task, Notes, Bookmarks

Just click the + icon to add new tasks/ notes/ bookmarks in a jiffy. Very handy when you have copied some information  and add it here as a task/ note / bookmark. 

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Format Painter - Copy paste formats

No formatting hassles to maintain same font face size and so on. Just use the format painter to copy a format and paint the same format to another section of text. 

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Print Tasks - Strike off from the list in hand

The Tasks are in the cloud, available anywhere anytime. But having them on paper and striking them out does give a sense of accomplishment. The Print option is right there for you! 

Click the Print icon, to print your checklists, Todos and Tasks to manage them using Pen and Paper the old school way. 

Sticky notes now Sync too

We all have multiple sessions open. With sticky notes being handy for taking notes, having different versions in different sessions might be confusing. Now any changes made in a note in one session, is carried forward to all the sessions. 

Other enhancements - Bookmarks list, Reminders

Bookmarks list view: Based on the popular requests, Bookmarks can also be viewed in the list based view in addition to the Card view. 

Reminder mail enhancement: When you use the automatic followup and remind option, to remind the recipents, the reminder emails to your contacts are now more effective and contextual. The reminder emails now get sent using your own 'From' email address, thus making them seem to be actual follow up emails from you. 


Quick actions - Click and act from Mail listing

Actions inside your emails, are now more visible and actionable right from the listing. Quick actions help you to directly locate and act on the emails with actions, without even opening such automated emails. 

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Friendly headers - View, download, copy email headers

Tired of looking for complex technical information in internet headers of the emails? Email headers are now displayed in easily readable format with download and send options, making it simpler for admins to troubleshoot email issues. 

Other enhancements

Display name and From address: To make sure that you know the 'Display Name' that is set for your account, the Display name is now displayed along with the From address in the email composer. 

Fine grained Search: You can now search for an email addressed to you in To vs an email addressed to you in the Cc field, instead of a combined To/ Cc based search. 


Paste screenshots and annotate them

No more image hassles! Just paste the screenshot you captured, annotate it and embed the image right inside your email.

Want to send it as attachment? Just paste it in the attachment browser, instead of pasting in the editor to send it as an attachment. 

Unified Tasks View - Zoho Projects Integration

Get a birds eye view of all you Tasks from Zoho Mail. Be it your individual tasks or team tasks or tasks from your Zoho Projects, view them all under your Tasks and plan better. You can even add a task directly to your portal in Zoho Projects. An email can be associated with a Project Task/ Bug in a single click. 


Night mode - Only ideas need to be bright!

Zoho Mail now sports night mode! We have had so many requests for a darker theme and grumbles that our themes are too bright. We dedicate this 'Night mode' to all the night owls out there. 


Attachment viewer for Folders

Get a birds eye view of all the attachments in a specific folder. You can now easily locate the important files that came in as attachment in a particular folder without worrying about who sent or when it was sent. Learn more.

Learn more


Track sent emails - Sent or Not ?!

Check out the delivery details of the emails you send in a jiffy. You can know whether the email was delivered to the designated person or not. You can even find out the reason for bounce in cases if the emails were undeliverable! More details.

More details.

Sticky Notes - Pin them on your screen

Sticky notes are excellent tools to jot down such random thoughts without losing the current context. Sticky notes gets pinned up on your mailbox until you sway them away. You can easily pull out information from different emails and sew them together as a note for your reference! Find out how!

Find out how!


Integrated Tasks and Notes

When you add Tasks or Notes from email, the tasks and notes will now be accessible right below the email. This better integration helps to contextually view the associated Tasks and Notes linked with the email and vice-versa. Details here!

Details here!


Collaborate better by sharing instead of attaching

You can now share your files as link from Zoho Docs, instead of re-uploading them to your email. Avoid breaking your head to find out the correct version of files due to multiple copies with different versions.  Easily share documents in progress as link, to get centralized reviews from your colleagues and make changes easily to the same document! Check it out.

Check it out!



Automate 750+ apps - Zapier Integrates with Zoho Mail

With just a few clicks setup zaps and automate your workflows between email and other applications. Zapier, a third party integration platform, helps automation by creating zaps between different applications. The latest integration between Zapier and Zoho Mail allows you to build your custom zaps which can automate 750 + applications with your emails in Zoho Mail. Read about it here! 

Read about it here!

Schedule emails - Choose when and Send them later!

Quickly compose the contents of the email and set up a schedule to send emails at an apt time for the recipient. Schedule helps you to send reminders or updates to your team at the right time, suitable for the task in hand. Instructions inside!

Instructions inside!

Reminders and Follow ups - Better follow up your emails!

Easily add reminders to email, that need to be acted on at a later point of time. This can be based on the response to that email or even when there is no response from the other end. Sometimes we just need to be reminded about that email at the right time. Our reminders provide options to all these scenarios and even more. Learn how!

Learn how!

@mention in your content to add Recipients

When writing an email, simply @mention users in the email body to directly add them as recipients for that email. This helps you to include everyone related to that email, without the need to add them manually or miss them in a hurry!