Out of office

Out of office

Zoho Mail provides you options to configure Out of office messages to automatically reply to the incoming emails for a specific duration of time. This helps you to let the senders know that you are away or when you have limited or no access to your mailbox. You can set up the automated replies to be sent to 'Everyone' or 'Only your contacts'. Alternately, you can also choose to auto-reply only to your 'Non-contacts', where you can send a template response and a more personal response to your contacts. The Auto-response interval helps you to control the frequency of the automated replies to the same sender. When you are away on an official trip/vacation, the Out of office Auto Responder helps you to inform the sender about your non-availability or to let them know alternate contact information in your absence.

Steps to configure Out of office message

  1. Login to Zoho Mail
  2. Click the Settings icon.
  3. Go to Out of Office
  4. Click Add Out of office message.
  5. From the Choose Account section, select the accounts for which you want to configure an Out of office message. Mark the Apply for all accounts option if you want to configure the same response for all accounts. 
  6. In the Enable Out of office for menu select one of the options, 
    • If you want to send the out of office message only to the senders in your contact list, select Contacts.
    • On the contrary, if you want to send the out of office message only to the senders who are not in your contact list, select Non-Contacts.
    • If you want to send the out of office message to all the senders, select Everyone. 
  7. Enter the StartEnd date and time for which you want to configure the out of office message.
  8. By default, out of office messages are sent throughout the day. In the Time Interval option, select the time of the day during which you want to send out an out of office message. You can later Reset this to the default option.
  9. Specify the Subject for your automated email.
  10. In general, the Auto-response Interval is not set. This means that only one response will be sent during the entire duration of out of office.
  11. You can enable the Auto-response Interval checkbox to edit it. On enabling it, the interval will be set to 7 days by default. You can also edit it and set the interval as per your requirement.
  12. Type in the email content which you want to be sent as a reply when you are away.
  13. Click Save. 

While configuring the out of office message, you can also mark yourself 'Busy' in the calendar by checking the corresponding checkbox. 

You can edit your out of office message in case you want to change the dates or the content by clicking on it. In case you want to delete it click the delete icon.


By default, all your out of office messages will be saved in your Sent folder. You can change this and not save these messages in your sent folder by turning off the toggle on the top-right corner.

 Auto-Response Interval

Sending Interval/ Auto-response Interval allows you to control the frequency in which the automatic emails are sent. The Auto-response Interval is the minimum number of days between the two subsequent automated replies to the same email address.
Suppose you receive 10 emails from the same sender on a particular day, sending 10 auto replies per day would flood their mailbox with your out of office messages. Suppose you specify the Auto response Interval as 2 days, the particular email address will receive your out of office message only once in 2 days. The out of office message will not be sent to each and every email from the same sender.

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