How to set automatic out of office reply

There are times when you will have to spend your days outside of the office, like, going on vacation for holidays with limited or no access to the internet or flying off to a different country to attend a business meeting and working at a different time zone. Before you pack your bags you should make sure that you are leaving things right at work, because while you're are taking your time off your inbox is still receiving emails from your colleagues, superiors, customers and other important people. It is therefore wise to draft and set up an out of office message, so every time you receive an email this automatic reply will be sent to the sender informing them about your absence. 

Best practices for drafting an out of office message 

  1. Tell your readers when your trip will be over and give them the date you'll be back in the office. Also, it is absolutely unnecessary to mention the starting date of your trip. 
  2. Mention the person whom they can contact in your absence if they are in need of urgent assistance. 
  3. Make sure that your content suits all kinds of audiences, from a work superior to a friend. Following email etiquette rules helps you draft proper emails that will suit all kinds of audiences.
  4. It is best to avoid personal information like the place you're spending your holidays in or your personal contact information unless you want all your readers to know it. 

Examples of out of office messages

When you're enjoying a vacation 


Thank you for your email. I'm currently enjoying my holidays out of the office and have limited access to the internet. I will respond to your email once I'm back in the office on the (date of return). 
If you are in need of urgent assistance, you can write to (person to be contacted) at (email address). 

Thanks and regards, 
(Your name) 

When you're on a business trip 


Thank you for your email. I'm currently out of the office on a business and will not be able to respond to you right away. If your matter is urgent, you can contact (person to be contacted) at (email address), or call me at (contact number). Otherwise, I will respond to you when I'm back in the office on (date of return). 

Thanks and regards, 
(Your name) 

Setting up an out of office auto-reply with Zoho Mail 

  1. In your Zoho Mail account, click the Settings icon in the top-right corner and navigate to the Out of office section. 
  2. Click Add new out of office.
  3. Choose your audience. You can choose to send the auto-reply to Everyone, to Your contacts or to Non-contacts.
  4. Select the Start date and End date of the time period you want the reply to be sent. 
  5. Select the Time interval between two consecutive replies to the same person. You can also select the specific days of the week you want the reply to be sent. 
  6. Enter the Subject and Content of the message. 
  7. Click Save.

Out of office message template

The out of office message will be saved and will be sent to the people who email you during the specified period.

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