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You can have Email signatures to specify your name, Job title, Organization and Contact details. You can even add your corporate logo as an Image to you signature to render it a professional finish. Some Organizations request their users to follow a standard template to maintain consistency across the Organization.
Zoho mail allows you to create and add custom signatures to your accounts. Zoho mail supports multiple signatures in HTML format.

Steps to Create & Add Signatures

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Go To Mail Settings » Signatures »Add Signature
  3. Add Signatures dialog box appears
  4. Specify the 'Title' for the signature
  5. Type in the desired signature and format it.
  6. You can add images (like logos) to your signature, if required.
  7. Click on Save.
  8. Repeat the steps with different Titles to add multiple Signatures

Set Default Signatures for Mail Accounts

Once you have added the Signatures you can associate the different Signatures to various Mail accounts configured. Each time you open the composer in the account, the default Signature for that account will automatically be appended to the mail.

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Go To Mail Settings » Signatures
  3. In the right side, the different POP Mail Accounts configured are listed
  4. Select the Signature Title you want to associate for each account listed, from the drop-down box
  5. However, you can choose a Signature from the Insert Signature option in the Compose window to change the Signature when sending email.


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